New Look!

Since I started the TA website back in … 2007? … I’ve built and maintained my own webpages in HTML and PHP.  I’ve always liked to know what’s going on under the surface.  Alas, the internet has moved on, and my coding abilities did not keep up.  So the inevitable has happened, and I’ve migrated to WordPress, which is much sleeker, and may mean I update more frequently. 😉

Perhaps good timing, though, as it’s also time for a new Thinking Aloud look in any case.


2 thoughts on “New Look!

  1. A fan says:

    I love it! Well done! Can’t wait to hear the forthcoming album(s). 🙂

  2. Amethyst says:

    Brilliant!! This is a great improvement over what was already a superb web-site. Long may it continue and attract more viewers than ever before.

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