With a penchant for dramatic arrangements on occasion, it’s probably not surprising that I sometimes do stupidly long pieces of music and sound too.  🙂

Star Trip – Apology None in Space!

Psychedelic Rock’s Grooviest Cartoon Band, Apology None, are a psychedelic rock group stuck at the end of the 1960s / early 1970s – but they’re not hippies.  In 2012, they ended up, with the original crew of the starship Enterprise, in a prequel pilot-episode that never quite took off.  Nevertheless, a groovy time was had by all, and Thinking Aloud was recruited to provide the episodic music for the show (as well as many sound effects, recreated from scratch, and a couple of incidental character voices).

The whole 25-minute extravaganza can be watched below!

Following this adventure, things calmed down a little, but there was the curious incident with the band’s orchestral arranger, Henry T. Pipe, which may or may not have had something to do with yours truly…

A Family Affair – Stop Motion with the kids!

The Thinking Aloud sound has been described as “cinematic” more than once, so it’s maybe unsurprising that I was unable to stop myself scoring up music and sound effects for the stop-motion films my kids and I made back in 2010-2012! 😉

Last in a series of five increasingly lengthy films, “The Black Mountain” is a 21-minute adventure of knights, kings, castles, dragons, disappearing wolves, campervans and helicopters, with a score to match.

The Complete Heretic’s Guide to Christmas

Possibly the most elusive Thinking Aloud soundtrack is the 30-minute mix of original and traditional seasonal sounds that accompanied David Fitzgerald’s review of the history of the Christmas season.

Betcha can’t find it!  😉