Theme Music

Since 2014, I’ve been a member of the Theme Music group, based in the US, but with members from around the globe.  The group was created by Matt Brown (Uncle Green / 3lb Thrill) as a way to exercise musical muscles.  Each fortnight (originally weekly) a new theme is published, and in the following two weeks, members have to find a song that fits the theme (e.g. songs with one-word titles, starting with “P”) to cover; or write and record an original to suit.

As a result of participation in Theme Music, the Thinking Aloud sound has found its way not only into productions for the group challenges, but onto albums and other artistic creations that members of the group have produced.

Albums etc

Bill Shaouy – The Other Town – a fantastic album by Bill, on which I was delighted to be asked to add a couple of string arrangements.

Bob Fenster – Hiding In The Foreground – a solid album of Bob’s creations, featuring a plethora of Theme Music talent.  Again, some TA strings have found their way into this collection.

Katrina Maxwell – Sabbatical – etherial, haunting, as well as catchy upbeat songs feature on Katrina’s 2015 album with a little TA piano on one of the tracks.

Peril – Lossless – Zoenda McIntosh’s eclectic selection of original songs in many (and sometimes eccentric) styles, brought to you by another gathering of Theme Music talent.

Pete McDade – The Weight Of Sound – Pete’s novel is accompanied by an album of songs based on the story.  And yes, TA Mellotron makes it in near the start. 😉

Norway House – Songs for Sofia & Fabric Intelligence – A bit of TA vocal styling can be heard on one track each of Kris Hauch’s 2016 and 2017 albums


In addition I’ve been involved in a handful of non-album original compositions.  Here’s a short selection.

Wish I Was Here

Co-written with Matt Brown and Diana Chadwell Brown, this 2015 song remains one of my favourite Theme Music creations.

Remembrances (Bill Phillips)

Another favourite is this song by Bill Phillips, who asked me to build an arrangement based on his basic guitar and vocals.  How could I not?!  With Carey Anne on backing vocals, and Matt Brown on lead guitar.

Drop It (Don’t Pick It Up)

And for something completely different, I was asked to do the final mix of this original offering from Halley O’Malley and Zoenda McIntosh (as well as a bit of flute and some video editing!). Contains some fruity language.