Twin Albums coming soon!

Just when you least expect it, not one but two new Thinking Aloud albums are on their way! This is simply the best thing ever, yes?

Album no.5, “Subduction”, is a bunch of new songs ranging from dark-and-brooding to power-pop-ish, with hints of 90s electronic dance, 40s nostalgia, and probably some other stuff too. A number of these tunes debuted on Theme Music in earlier forms, so be sure to check out how things have developed if you’re a Themester.

Alongside this is “Erratic”, which is a motley collection of bits and pieces of Thinking Aloud stuff that’s been building up and not really belonging anywhere else. Some newly-recorded old silly songs, some instrumental sound track pieces, and some newer strange songs to boot. One for the completist, perhaps!

I’m currently working on the sleeve notes, and once I’ve thrown some artwork together, there’ll be another post like this, but with a prettier picture. And then you can have copies! If you want. 😀