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The new album from Thinking Aloud: OROGENY


Orogeny features twelve new (and new-ish) tracks including 'Whispers To The Wind', 'Sacramento Springtime', and 'Worth The Wait'. For me it's the conclusion of the journey started in "Syncline".

Thinking Aloud is just me, recording some of my own songs. They're usually piano-driven, acoustic or rocky, with meanderings in other directions as the mood dictates. In addition to the piano, you'll find the occasional Mellotron, flute, cello and symphony orchestra creeping in from time to time.

In the player on the left is a selection of songs I've crafted, some new, some not-so-new, and some dating from the 80s and 90s that have been given a rework, but all recorded or re-recorded since 2006. I've home-produced a handful of CDs (I'm a bit of a traditionalist - I like to group songs into coherent assemblages, and have something tangible to hold in my hand), and contributed rock and orchestral arrangements and recordings to a few other productions, details of which you'll find on the various pages of this site.

So have a look around, have a listen, and hopefully enjoy. My only aim is to make the kind of music I'd like to listen to - hopefully you'll like it too!


Here's an obligatory picture of me posing dramatically on a stone.

And that's it: Thinking Aloud in all its glory - not the best piano-player in the world, not the best singer in the world, not trying to be famous or anything, just music for the fun of it.

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Thinking Aloud

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Thinking Aloud

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